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Stoma's Furniture and Interior Design

Monday-Friday: 10am-6pm
Saturday: 10am-5pm
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Lin Bumgardner

lbumgardnerLin, a state license Registered Interior Designer, has been in the home furnishing business
since 1970; albeit many different aspects. She has worked with furniture, paint, beveled
leaded glass doors, high end plumbing, art, custom windows coverings, picture framing,
custom designed furniture, flooring and other businesses related to your home.

Lin began her design journey in Buffalo, New York, then she moved to North Carolina for two
years. Subsequently, she came to Baton Rouge and found her niche. She has been here since
1972 and loves the people, food, music and culture that are so unique and friendly.

Lin began her career with Stoma's Furniture before the store opening by helping set up, and
enjoyed her work here ever since.
She loves color and embraces all design styles. As an artist she has a great eye for color
palettes, scale, and proportion making it easy for her to visualize your room through
completion. For complex projects she can produce a layout on the computer that helps you
"see" the room completed. Both residential and commercial projects are easily handled from
Stoma's Furniture.

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